Advantages and Disadvantages of CNC Machines

Thinking about creating your product? A CNC machine is probably one of the first things that come in mind. But just like any other device those machines also have their ups and downs, let’s dive right in:
Working Hours
This one is pretty obvious – It is a machine! And because of it the machine can work non-stop for 24 hours straight! It’ll be quite surprising to see someone making the exact same product for 24 hours straight.

Another comparison to humans – Even the most skilled artist or engineer can make a nearly perfect product, but when you inspect it closely you will notice small differences between units. But a machine can make the EXACT same thing over and over again without making a single mistake. If you want to mass produce anything a CNC machine will probably be a better choice the handmade production.
Ease of Use
If you want to create anything you would probably need to know how to do it right? Although it does take some skills to learn how to program and master a CNC machine, 9 times out of 10 it would be easier than learning how to do the exact same thing by hand. Let’s take a simple wrench – if you want to create it yourself you would need to know how to cut through the metal in the right shape, and how to mold it in the way fitting for the job. But when the creation process is automated, all you need to know is how the product needs to look like and the machine will do the rest!

Even if you are not too sure about your skills with the CNC you can practice on it without spending any valuable resources. Software like CNCSimulator allow you to practice different CNC devices until you perfect your control over it.

The Price
Although at some situations CNC machine usage might be cheaper than hand-crafting the machines themselves are usually more expensive the manual ones. A professional CNC machine can cost around 4000$ to 20000$ when manual usage machines cost much less. It is true that the price is slowly dropping but that is because the technology is becoming outdated, and is replaced by newer, more expensive machinery.

Sometimes you want to know exactly how something is made, but as CNC becomes more and more complex and smart you might not even know how your product is made! That also gives a lot of trouble when trying to fix a problem: You might encounter a malfunction with the smallest component there is and have no idea where it is located, at that point you would probably be better off buying an entirely new machine for 10000$.
The Bottom Line
Although expensive and hard to understand, using a CNC machine is still usually the easier and better option than creating something by hand, so the CNC machine gets a thumbs up from me!

Source: inc software

The Value of Real Estate Property in Egypt

For the recent past, Spain and Turkey have been the leading destinations for property investment. However, that has significantly changed as Egypt is emerging as a promising destination for investment purposes. 


The recent industrial advancements have seen an upsurge in the number of industries being set up in the neighborhood areas. For instance, Hurghada is being considered as the very best investment location comparable to other seasoned locations like Makadi Bay, which is very close to Hurghada. Along with the advantage of running a property in one of the busiest places in Egypt for any cheaper rate, other advantages include high returns on investments and better property deals. If you are a novice in the real estate business, then you needn’t panic. Many websites offer enough details about properties in Egypt


The main reason why real estate in Egypt is so popular is its stable economy and comfortable standard of living. At present, the price of property in Egypt is still within the means of many buyers, however as prospective investors realize the countries potential these prices are anticipated to grow rapidly. 


Seen as an emerging property market, Egypt has already demonstrated strong returns for those who invested early, some have reached 20-30% per year depending on the area. The government has stepped up its promotion of the country and is dedicated to modernizing Egypt’s communications and transportation networks in preparation for the arrival of visitors to the country. 


The popular Red Sea coastal resorts and main cities of Cairo, Luxor and Alexandria have received the main attention from overseas property investors. Various development projects are underway or have already been completed in the coastal resort regions. Due to this, there has been an increase in tourism leading to a significant boost in demand for property in Hurghada, Sharm El Sheikh, El Gouna and Marsa Alam. 


What has caused real estate in Egypt to become more popular during the last few years? People are drawn here for its interesting and exotic culture and traditions, yet it also manages to be modern in its provision of amenities. Egypt has the advantage of being just a short flight away from most major European cities, it can offer the ideal climate, has a stunning coastline and a broad range of activities and sights. Currently, the country has a healthy economy and the government is energetic in its promotion of the country to tourists and visitors, these are just some of the basic ingredients needed for investors looking for long-term returns from the property in Egypt. 


As Egypt receives more visitors each year, the demand for high generating short term holiday rentals increases and with a year round warm climate the continual holiday rental is also positive. Budget airlines have already organized flights to the Mediterranean and Red Sea resorts, minimizing the time the journey takes and the cost. Several regular flights are operated by both Egypt Air and British Airways between Heathrow and Cairo International Airport from which one can connect to internal flight by being taken to the coastal resorts of Sharm el Sheikh, Marsa Alam, Hurghada, and Taba. 


Over the long term, investment opportunities for Egypt real estate are positive, for anyone thinking of investing in property here this is the best time to do something about it as the economy is steady. The Egyptian government has been preoccupied with overseas investor marketing schemes through tax breaks and a simplified purchasing procedure. Egyptian cost of labor is very low, while the living standards and tourism levels are on the increase. 


House easily obtainable in Egypt implies that it’ll reap gold for you indeed. Such is the worth of property in Egypt at the moment. The country has a rich as well as varied heritage and has served as one of the significant economic hubs around the world in ancient times. Evidently, the Egyptian natural resources allow a decent living. You can make a comparison of prices of different properties in Egypt on a single price comparison website providing you with you with an extensive listing of prices. You can choose the facet of purchasing a land or property of your choice without much deliberation.


Owning Egypt property means to safeguard your hard earned money. Provide the property for lease or offer on the rental basis. There are various benefits when you purchase a property within the form an apartment or a flat. If you buy a condo, you’ll be able to lease it to some business organization. You can convert it right into a commercial complex allowing several malls and shopping centers to become setup there. Discover the difference on your own when you actually start earning profits. Egypt is a perfect location to get on the property in areas like Hurghada unconditionally; either for commercial purposes or for residential purposes.

Whistler BC: The Ultimate Canadian Destination

Welcome to Whistler, British Columbia, Canada

Located in the spectacular mountains of the Coast Mountains, just two hours north of Vancouver, Whistler is the ultimate destination in Canada throughout the year. There are two majestic mountains with a village at the foot of the slopes, conditions for skiing and snowboarding on epic snow, four championship golf courses, shops, bars and world-class restaurants, hiking trails, spas and, undoubtedly, the best bike trails of the mountain world. Book your holiday in Whistler as soon as possible to ensure you get your choice of accommodation and activities at the best price. Entertainment is unlimited in Whistler. Whistler offers endless possibilities for all kinds of unique experiences and adventures in the great mountain air; both in the summer time and in the winter time.

Getting To Whistler

As a world-class destination that attracts millions of visitors every year, tourists are constantly making travel plans to get to Whistler from all over the world. The majority who fly in from out of the area land at Vancouver International Airport (YVR). For economic reasons and for better flight selection, others will land at SeaTac Airport in Seattle (SEA). From there, they often travel by ground to Whistler. From Vancouver to Whistler, the drive is about 2 hours. From Seattle to Whistler, it’s about 4 hours—2 hours to get to the Canadian border, and another 2 hours to get to Whistler. Ground transportation options include shuttle buses, taxis, limousine services, and car rental. The best option will depend on the number of people traveling and amount of luggage. For those traveling by rental car, be sure to travel with caution in the winter time going up the Sea To Sky Highway, a winding mountain road. For roadside assistance between Vancouver and Whistler, City Tow Truck is a trustworthy towing company. For skiers and snowboarders requiring transportation from Vancouver to Whistler or from Seattle to Whistler with sports gear, a very popular choice is the limo service offered by KJ Limousine (604) 377-1618. See the video below for more information:

Whistler Village

Whistler Village has been built around an area for walking pedestrians only. All amenities are within walking distance. The ski lifts, shops, hotels and lodging, dining, entertainment and activities are all located in the beautiful resort village. Whistler offers all the services you can expect from a world class resort, but is still small enough to allow visitors to enjoy the unique mountain environment and friendly atmosphere.

Parking and Getting Around

The village is located at the foot of Whistler and Blackcomb mountain. When you’re finished having fun in the mountains, there is still plenty to see and do close by to your accommodation, without the need for any other means of transportation. For those who would like to discover other parts of Whistler or visit by car, parking options and public transport are available.


Whistler offers a wide selection of places to stay, including hotel rooms, apartments and other types of accommodation to suit all budgets. There are many Whistler accommodation websites online where you can select and book accommodations.

Whistler: A World-Class Destination

Each year, snow sports and travel industries, Internet publications and visitors evaluate and review the most popular resort centers in the world. Whistler is consistently ranked as one of the best resorts, world-class throughout the year and recently won the Distinction Award for the best ski center, the best hotels, the best restaurants and the best golf golf.

Winter in Whistler

Whistler is a veritable winter wonderland. Besides skiing and snowboarding at the famous resort Whistler Blackcomb, there are many ways to enjoy the snow, whether on the slopes or not. Here are some exciting activities to do in Whistler in the winter time:

  • Skiing and snowboarding
  • Sightseeing aboard the PEAK 2 PEAK Gondola
  • Nordic skiing / cross country
  • Heliskiing
  • CatskiIce skating at Whistler Village
  • Introduction to the luge and bobsleigh
  • Tyrolean
  • Dog sled
  • Snowmobile
  • Racket
  • Tubing
  • Family activities
  • Sleigh ride

Summer in Whistler

Summer in the mountains is a unique experience. You can walk by bike and enjoy the high mountain scenery, playing golf on four championship golf courses or enjoy a relaxing time near lakes, on the sunny beaches of Whistler. The list of summer activities is endless. Here is a brief selection of things to do in Whistler in summer:

  • Sightseeing aboard the PEAK 2 PEAK Gondola
  • Golf
  • Cycling
  • Tyrolean
  • Hiking
  • Lakes and beaches
  • bear watching tours
  • Water sports
  • Family activities
  • All Terrain Adventures
  • ATVs (all-terrain vehicles and quadricycles)


Whistler satisfies all appetites with a huge choice of places to have lunch, dinner, après ski and dinner. Come and enjoy fresh food in mountainside restaurants with spectacular views and a range of prices to suit all visitors. Restaurants and renowned chefs offer mouth-watering menus of different ethnicities and regions, prepared with organic ingredients and locally sourced. Take part in a culinary event Cornucopia like to experience the gastronomic scene of Whistler or do testing several restaurants in one evening with Whistler Tasting Tours.


People who love shopping love Whistler Village. Discover a diverse range of shops and boutiques where you find the popular brands including Helly Hansen, Roots, Eddie Bauer, Lululemon, Pandora, Arc’teryx and more. Retailers offer outerwear latest amenities and ski equipment, snowboarding to mountain bikes and golf. Other shops offer cosmetics, souvenirs, gifts and unique works of art.


Whistler offers an endless list of activities, including free outdoor concerts, festivals, live music, markets and street entertainment. Check the calendar of activities for a comprehensive guide to what will take place in Whistler this year.…